Will the girls do “extras” or real sex with each other?

A. No “extras”. The girls will do simulated sex with each other, but our main goal is to entertain the audience. Remember we are Exotic Dancers, not escorts. However, we do like to have fun!! And so will you!

What does the show consist of?

Female Dancers
A. The show has three parts to it. 1. The dancer will do seductive striptease focusing their attention on the bachelor (or guest or honor). 2. The dancer will do a sensual lapdance and some fun play with the bachelor such as taking off his shirt, getting him down on the floor, playful spanking, etc. This may vary depending on the comfort level of the bachelor or crowd. 3. The last part of the show consists of more interaction with the bachelor and crowd and some tricks. This may include whipped cream, oil, hot candle wax, flips onto the bachelor and body shots. You should check out the two-girl show!

Male Dancers
A. The show consists of embarrassing the bachelorette (or guest of honor) depending on her comfort level. The dancer will start the show focusing their attention on her by providing a stimulating exotic dance routine to some of today’s more popular music. The last part of the show consists of more interaction with the bachelorette and crowd and some tricks. This may include whipped cream, oil, hot candle wax, flips onto the bachelorette and body shots. Again, this may vary depending on the comfort level of the bachelorette or crowd. We will help create unforgettable memories for you and your party!

Do the dancer(s) get completely naked?

A. Generally they do unless the situation does not call for it. For example, if they are in a public place, someone is under 18 or the comfort level of the crowd does not permit it.

Do you dance in public places like bars and restaurants?

A. Absolutely! In fact, some of our most memorable parties have been at bars. However, we strongly suggest you ask permission from the owner or manager prior to the beginning of the performance. It would be unfortunate if at the last minute, the manager informs your party we’re not allowed to perform.

If you’re unsure of a location for your party, don’t worry! We have dozens of recommendations to offer you. After 10 years performing in this industry we’ve been able to build professional relationships with numerous owners and managers of public establishments who have been more than accommodating for our shows.

If we ask them to stay, will the dancer(s) hang out afterwards?

A. Yes, depending on their schedules.

Do I need to provide anything?

A. No, the dancer(s) bring everything with them.

What do I need to do after I book you?

A. After you schedule a show, we will either call you or send an email (whichever is most convenient) a few days prior to the show to confirm the date and time. We can then go over final details regarding your party. There are occasions, such as busy Saturday evenings, where we may need to change the time of the show. In these instances, the time difference is generally no more than a half an hour.

Does the fee cover everything?

A. Yes, the fee is for the dancer(s) and the show, but tipping is definitely encouraged. Tipping shows that you appreciate the dancer(s). The more you tip, the more fun and wild the show will be.

Why should we choose Minnesota Strippers?

A. We value repeat business. Other “National” companies who advertise in Minnesota offer pictures of models who they claim will be your entertainer when in fact, that person is just a model or lives thousands of miles away. They don’t care who they send as long as they get their money and you’re stuck with “whatever” shows up at your door. We offer a 100% guarantee that the entertainer you choose will be the one showing up at your party unless we both agree on another choice.

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