Helpful Party Tips

Allow time for the dancers to arrive.

All kinds of things happen on the road. There is traffic, detours, weather conditions, bathroom breaks, gas refills, etc.  Because of that, it is not unusual to run a little late and not be able to show up at the EXACT time. Although our dancers try their best to arrive on time, this often proves impossible.  With that in mind, please allow a 30 minute window of time for dancers to arrive.  Since time management for dancers is very unpredictable, we try to do the best we can. Try not to immediately blame the dancer for being a few minutes late and just relax, serve some drinks to your guests and let the anticipation build- they will come…we promise.

Please choose several alternate dancers beside the requested dancer.

Please fill out or tell us who you request as your dancer and than give us a few alternate dancers just in case the one you requested is already booked for the night or not available at that time period. We do our best to get the first choice dancer that you request, but it is always nice to know who else you like besides the main dancer so we can make sure that you get the type of dancer that you want.

Please be ready when the dancers arrive!

Have your payment ready, so the dancers can start the show as soon as they arrive. Although each dancer comes equipped with costume, stereo, props, and all party game materials, it is imperative to make sure you have done your best to make your house “stripper friendly”. That includes providing a room or bathroom for your entertainers to change/get ready in. Also, the outside world should not be able to see your private party, so close all blinds or curtains. Be sure to place a chair in the center of the room for your guest of honor. The chair should preferably have no armrests. Dim the lights a little and get ready to HAVE FUN!

Please Tip your dancers.

If you are the “contact” person for the party, it is your responsibility to make sure all the guests bring money to spend. The show-up-fee is supplied to the dancers at the start of the show and that covers our commission and the dancers’ gas and time. However, TIPPING is customary and expected in this business and the dancers all depend on tips to make their living. Each dancer has specific games that they play with the crowd that are priced at different levels.

Respect your entertainer and follow their rules.

Each dancer works very hard to earn a living. They work out hard out the gym, eat healthy to stay fit, spend hours putting their music together, and are always thinking of improving their costumes and shows to better fit your fantasy. Stripping may seem like an easy job, but much time and preparation goes into it. These strippers are real people and should be treated as such. The more respectful you are, the more fun everyone will have. Please don’t be rude to them. If people are disrespectful, the dancer has every right to leave the party before the requested time has ended. Do not expect the dancer to return your money.

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